How can a freelancer maintain work/life balance?
Dec 08, 2022 | 3 Mins Read


Freelancing comes with a lot of perks and one of them is working from home. But this is not easy as it seems, setting a schedule and then maintaining that schedule can be difficult for someone who is new in this business or for someone who has just shifted from traditional job to freelancing sector. It doesn’t matter what your professional background is, what matters is what the steps you can take in order to ensure a balance between professional and private life.

Here we will cover some of the best techniques which will help you to achieve balance between work and life.

  1. Create a proper office space

Biggest mistake which makes freelancers lazy is that they start working from bed which results as a negative impact on your overall routine because it lead you to more sleep and less work and the line between work and sleep blurs. Therefore, in order to remove this kind of anarchy create a proper workspace so you can get proper vibes of working and this aspect will create a positive impact on your mind. It doesn’t mean that I am saying you to start working as traditional jobs you can always move in your own house but when you have special place for work your productivity will increase. 

           2. Set clear limits when you are joined by others

Set some ground rules while you are working it implies that working from hone does not mean that anyone can come to visit you at any time you should draw out some basic rules for visitation so you do not get distracted by others.

          3.Get dressed

There is saying that “you do not dress for others but you dress for yourself” but when you are working as a freelancer you don’t tend to dress, try to avoid this type of mindset. I am not saying that you have to dress yourself in formal cloths but a decent t-shirt with jeans will set the tone for you in positive way.

        4. Don’t stress yourself

As a freelancer never reach your maximum capacity. Yes, I know that while working independently you believe that you can accomplish all tasks but sometimes it back fires and it leads to series of mishaps such as missed deadlines, low quality of your work and frustrations. Avoid these kind of situations by determining how much you can handle because it is better to say no instead of ruining your reputation by handing out work of low quality.

       5. Don’t forget to exercise

Keep in mind the old proverb “A sound mind is in sound body” engage in physical activities to keep your body intact. Add it in to your daily routine and you will the positive effects of this in your personal and professional life. It will give boost to your mental health thus resulting in more energy and maximum level of attentiveness.

       6. Relax and take holidays

Remember why did you took the decision of freelancing, it was because you wanted to break the shackles of overwhelming work routine that’s why  remember to take regular breaks, set aside time to work out, listen to music and appreciate the beauty of this world once in a while and all of this can be fulfilled by scheduling holidays. Therefore, always take the option of time-out and have time to re-connect with friends and family by planning holidays.


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